hotel bar

Cocktails and aperitifs
Beers, fruit juices and soft drinks
Hot drinks, coffee or tea
Glass of wine or bottle : red, rosé or white
Whisky, Rhum, Gin, Vodka et Cognac

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after work la rochelle

hotel plates

Discover our plates :
Aperitif plate........12€
Plate meal............20€
According to the products available of the day
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aperitif hotel la monnaie la rochelle

A taste experience

A Pineau of Charentes or a single malt with vegetal notes, a champagne in the dress adorned with golden reflections and elegant bubbles, a coffee combining sweetness and bitterness, the bar cultivates all desires and awakens more than one sense. And as, at the hotel La Monnaie, gluttony is a cardinal virtue, the rest areas are more than numerous.

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